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About us

Dear friends,

In the fall of 1991, I made the move from a small, picturesque town in Alaska where I grew up, to San Francisco California for Art School. I knew going into the Design field that I may not make the “big money”, but I wouldn’t be truly happy unless I was able to be in a creative field, and so I studied design, photography and architecture.

Fiery Red Design was created in the fall of 2017. I was inspired by a medium grey graphic on a black concert T-shirt, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it until one morning when I opened our front curtains and saw the faint silhouette of the Sutro Tower with blinking red lights against the black of the early morning sky. That was it! That was the creative bug that had been crawling around in my brain!

We have recently moved to Portland Oregon and are super excited to explore this lush city with so many beautiful bridges. We are also planning to expand our line to include more Architectural Icons from around the US and eventually all over the world!

Our goal is to sell unique graphic apparel to those who love the Architectural Icons at Night in their hometowns.

With love,
Founder and Designer
Fiery Red Design :: Icons at Night


Contact us

Fiery Red Design
3965 NE 15th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97212
Please Email us!
Phone: 415.218.4195


Retail Stores

Kenneth Wingard - 2319 Market Street, San Francisco CA



Please contact us directly for wholesale pricing


Washing recommendations to keep your Icons at Night T-shirts dark

  • Turn shirt inside out
  • Machine wash in cold water on a short light-soil cycle
  • Use a liquid detergent meant for dark clothes
  • Add ½ cup of salt to the first wash load to lock in the dark color
  • Use ½ cup of vinegar as a fabric softener 
  • Hang dry